Create Your Own LEGO Disney Princess TRU Cogsworth and Lumiere With These Building Instructions.

Two Saturdays ago (September 17 and 24), Toys R Us sponsored another LEGO building event which pays tribute to one of Disney’s most iconic characters. Taking its hint from the classic Disney animated film, Beauty and the Beast, the TRU building events showcased the comedic duo of Cogsworth and Lumiere in their LEGO brick form. Participants who were fortunate to register and join in the events had the chance to build and take home these LEGO Disney Princess collectables.


In case you missed out on these events, here’s your chance to build and have your own LEGO Disney Princess Cogsworth and Lumiere. Thanks to The Brick Fan, we now have the building instructions for these two little guys. Take a look at these instructions and see if you can build one of your own. Just click on the images to have a better look.


LEGO Disney Princess Cogsworth

lego-cogsworth-01 lego-cogsworth-02lego-cogsworth-03


LEGO Disney Princess Lumiere

lego-lumiere-01 lego-lumiere-02

Personally, I prefer the build and looks on these TRU exclusives as compared to their iterations in LEGO Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle (41067).


These TRU versions have a more organic build and feel on them, especially the moving arms of Cogsworth and the candle flames used on Lumiere. You may also have the faces of these Disney characters printed on sticker paper to give your LEGO creations that authentic, animated look. Just copy and paste the images below. Happy building!

lego-cogsworth-face lego-lumiere-face


Kudos to The Brick Fan for the share!



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