Exclusive LEGO Classic Walmart Sets Are Only Limited to 5,000 Copies Each.

Yesterday we touched on the fact that, less than a week after their initial introduction to buyers, two of the LEGO classic 60th Anniversary mini-build sets have already run out of stock on Wal-Mart, which carries them exclusively. The LEGO House (4000028) and Windmill (4000029) are now sold out online.

About the only recourse left for LEGO collectors who want these retro-sets would be to check at their nearest physical Wal-Mart stores. Some interested buyers have already put the question to LEGO Customer services on whether they might restock the classic sets on Wal-Mart. Their reply is not very encouraging.

According to a screenshot made by a discouraged LEGO fan via Reddit, LEGO was true to its marketing when they printed “Limited Edition” on the set boxes for House (4000028) and Windmill (4000029) sets – only 5,000 copies of each set were manufactured and offered to the public. Once they’re gone, that’ll be all there is to it.

That’s quite disheartening if you were looking to have a tangible piece of LEGO’s 60th Anniversary celebration to remember it by. Now all that’s left of the first two mini-build sets are lurking in scattered Wal-Mart stores, while some early buyers might resell on the secondary market at bloated prices.

4000030 1

Not all hope is lost, however. If you’re not going to be a LEGO set completionist, there’s still one more mini-build to watch out for: the Truck (4000030) coming out this Friday. You really need to strike while the iron is hot with this one. Good hunting!

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