Toys ‘R’ Us Build and Play Event: LEGO Heroes Needed!

We at The Brick Show have covered special events involving LEGO in collaboration with some of its major retail partner brands around the world, like Toy ‘R’ Us. There’s been several TRU events, especially the Build and Play ones, that we reported on. Most of them were in the UK.

Well, here’s one that can be enjoyed on Toys ‘R’ Us stores stateside. On Saturday, February 10, TRU will be having another Build and Play event based on superheroes, both their original characters and licensed ones too. “LEGO Heroes Needed” will happen in TRU stores from 10AM to 2PM, as usual.

There are several reasons as to why young LEGO builders and their parents would like to show up for the “LEGO Heroes Needed” Build and Play. First is the hero-themed giveaways, like superhero masks portraying, say, DC superheroes or the LEGO Ninjago crew. Who can resist those?

Next is the Build and Play event itself. No specific item or model was given to be constructed, so it’s likely to be a free-for-all building frenzy with LEGO hero minifigures mixed in. For the parents though, the best part would have to be the event’s one-day in-store discount coupon, one each for every participant.

That discount coupon works only for the day, but will avail Toys ‘R’ Us shoppers with 40% off on selected LEGO sets at the TRU store where they went for the Build and Play. It’s a sure bet that those selected LEGO sets are superhero themed, anything from DC to Ninjago, as stated earlier.

Interested attendees can reserve their spot for Saturday’s “LEGO Heroes Needed” Build and Play event at the nearest TRU store to them. Or they can simply drop in on their local TRU from 10AM-2PM and sign up. Either way, that one-day 40% discount coupon is a major motivator for participants, so Toys ‘R’ Us hopes to be seeing you around.

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