LEGO Ideas Women of NASA (21312) Sees Online Retailer Prices Inflating Due to Stock Running Low.

It has been nearly a week since it finally became available on LEGO stores and online, but it seems that talk is not dying down regarding the LEGO Ideas Women of NASA set (21312). This simple concept from science writer Maia Weinstock, depicting some of the pioneering female NASA staff and astronauts, along with models representing their expertise, has since become the most sought-after toy for its empowering theme.


Such has been the allure of the four-minifigure set that it has quickly sold out on online marketplaces like Amazon. As a result, partner retailers have raised its price significantly.

By the time Friday last week rolled around, many LEGO fans or interested collectors were expressing dismay on social media at the dwindling stocks of Women of NASA. In addition, they bemoan the fact that some retailers have bloated the $24.99 price laid down by LEGO to some extreme proportions.

21312 2

In fact, coming into last weekend the scarcity of stock has made LEGO Ideas 21312 worth about $125.99 on Amazon Prime. Wal-Mart was even worse on Friday, November 3, with their $149.99 price, especially as they only had five units left of the set at that point. As for eBay, the cheapest Women of NASA for sale is $55, with the highest pricing at $170, both including shipping charges.

The reason for the big prices is due to the platforms of online retailers like Amazon automatically listing search results from approved third-party sellers as soon as the company’s own stock of the product in question, which they price roughly similar to the manufacturer, runs out. This phenomenon with the over-$100 prices for Women of NASA 21312 is similar to what happened with 2016’s own hottest-selling toys, the Hatchimals.

For now, LEGO continues to sell the set at $24.99 on their own website ($4.95 added for shipping), and so far they have not reported running out. Amazon promises that they will be restocked before this season ends, but no date has been specified.

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