LEGO Opens Duplo Brick Names Personalized Set Ordering Service for US Customers.

The LEGO Group has always prided itself on being one of the most enjoyable and educational toy manufacturers around. Being educational, they also go to extra mile by covering as many play ages for children as possible, with proof being their Duplo product line.

LEGO Duplo bricks have been a particularly popular toy series for little tykes easing out of infancy until they start preschool. While Duplo has its own number of sub-themes including licensed properties like British franchises “Thomas the Tank Engine” or “Bob the Builder,” LEGO is looking to expand their line with a custom product ordering service.


This is the advent of LEGO Duplo Brick Names, an online service wherein customers, in particular parents with very young children aged 1½ to 5 years old, can order a custom set of bricks in two different colors that, when assembled, will spell out their child’s name.

Upon visiting the Brick Names website, customers can enter a name to be converted into a personalized Duplo set, followed by a choice of whichever two colors they want the bricks to be. The service is a collaborative effort by LEGO, Duplo and BuzzFeed Product Labs, and has the makings of a hit.

A sample Brick Names Duplo set would be several blocks in two colors that can be put together. Let’s say the child’s name is “Logan.” The bricks with one color can combine to form the letters L, O, G, A and N while bricks of second color can fill out the holes and spaces of the letters (the hole in O and A, and to emphasize the open areas in L, G and N. They certainly would look great on a shelf in a toddler’s nursery for instance.

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For now, the LEGO Duplo Brick Names service is only available in the US, but customers availing of it on the official website can have their personalized set delivered to their doorstep in a few days.

3 thoughts on “LEGO Opens Duplo Brick Names Personalized Set Ordering Service for US Customers.”

  1. You advertise on this site, you will deliver customized names in a few days. I placed my order on 11/27/17 and still haven’t received my order. BAD customer service.

    1. Hi there Jane! I’m sorry to hear about the delay in your order. Frankly speaking, though we posted LEGO’s Duplo Brick Names Service here in our blogsite, we are in no way related to their operations or service. I suggest that you call their customer service directly so your concern will be resolved. I hope this helps. Merry Christmas!

      1. Hi Albert – I would like to call customer service but they don’t have a phone number, only by email, which I’ve done several times. I feel Lego is responsible, Lego name is all over this, where I ordered it, on my email receipt. I do plan on doing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau against Lego and Lego Duplo Brick Names.

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