Licensing Expo 2018 Has Activision Blizzard Announcing Future LEGO Sets for “Overwatch”

We’ve had Marvel and DC, Jurassic World and Star Wars, The Incredibles and Disney Princesses, and car manufacturers too. That’s the magic of LEGO and its licensing deals with a variety of franchises and brands: specific LEGO sets that click with anyone. And here’s a new addition to those franchises.

Through a recent press release, videogame developer Activision Blizzard, from which iconic and popular game titles spring forth like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty, made a surprise announcement at the start of the Licensing Expo 2018 this week. They mean to partner with LEGO which will result in a new series of products tying into one of their prize franchises: FPS hit Overwatch.

That’s right; this quirky yet fun shooter phenomenon will be covered in everybody’s beloved brick brand. LEGO Overwatch sets are said to come in different established LEGO product lines with variable price points, so there will be something for everyone.

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One now wonders what sorts of LEGO Overwatch goodies we’re going to get in the future with this partnership. Perhaps sets recreating various game stages – with minifigures – might be the norm. But there might also be Overwatch character BrickHeadz, or maybe even buildable figures, like the ones for Star Wars.

This team-up with LEGO is the latest of many merchandising expansions for Overwatch and games of Activision Blizzard in general. They already have similar toy deals with Hasbro, and an exclusive clothing line to be produced by Japanese casual-wear brand Uniqlo. We’re looking forward to what LEGO will spin off.

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