First US LEGO Mosaic Maker to Open in Flatiron NYC LEGO Store

There are just so many ways you can enjoy playing with LEGO, from the conventional sets and products to some more…esoteric applications. One of these is the LEGO Mosaic Maker, a photo booth-sized machine that converts any image of you into a mosaic rendition, interpreted in differently shaded LEGO bricks.

Due to the (relatively) massive size of its needed facilities, the LEGO Mosaic Maker is a rather limited resource, set up as a service only in selected LEGO Store outlets. Those who go in for one will get a custom Personalized Mosaic Portrait (40179) set to build their LEGO-fied photo.

Thus far, LEGO Stores across Europe and Asia have had great receptions for the Mosaic Maker, and at long last that service will be debuting in the US. To start things off, one LEGO Mosaic Maker booth will be set up at the LEGO Store in New York’s Flatiron District.

Hold your horses, though. To forestall the possibility of crowds, the Flatiron LEGO Store’s Mosaic Maker service must take reservations, to be made five weeks in advance of when customers drop by. So they’re holding a pre-booking event so you can sign up and reserve your spot at convenient dates.

Each LEGO Personalized Mosaic Portrait (40179) costs $129.99, to be prepaid at the Flatiron LEGO Store counter. They’ll then issue customers with the means to operate the LEGO Mosaic Maker booth: the Experience card with activates the contactless card reader. Hopefully more US LEGO Stores will get a booth soon.

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