List of All 10-K LEGO Ideas Submissions (Thus Far) for the First 2018 Review Phase

The fact that LEGO Ideas has made official sets of just over 20 submissions to its platform since it started in the early part of this decade, sort of covers the reality that a lot of designs by aspiring builders have been put on there in all of that time.

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Ideas’ process of having a submission earn 10,000 votes of support to then be considered for review is a lot tougher than it looks. There was even one Review Phase back in 2015 where none of the 10K support entries were passed by the board, an ignominious fate for sure.

Now, while the Last 2017 Review Phase is ongoing with eight sets vying for approval, the First 2018 Review Phase is still on, waiting for more entries to hit 10K support before the phase deadline runs out. We’ve covered some of these First-Phase entries and will enumerate them again now.

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  1. SR-71a: The Final Flight by JustOneMoreBrick
  2. Disney’s Stitch by Legohaulic/Tyler
  3. A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft (Smoke Squadron) by Alex Paschoaletto
  4. Tree-house by KevinTreehouse
  5. Modular Arcade by Astronaut Avila
  6. I am Amelia Earhart by Alatariel/Ellen Koojiman
  7. Star Wars prequel trilogy Acclamator-class Assault Ship by Lucero

The LEGO Ideas First 2018 Review will cut-off 10K entries by next month, May 7.

LEGO Ideas Stitch 2

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