This Micro-Scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron Is The Cutest Defender of the Universe

I have to admit: while Lendy Tayag’s LEGO Ideas Voltron (21311) is mightily flying all across the globe, I am still waiting patiently for my wallet to recover and say yes to my next LEGO wish list which of course, includes the LEGO Ideas Voltron set on the top of the list of this nerdy 80’s fan boy. The good thing is while waiting for my wallet to wake up from its brick slumber, Lendy was kind enough to share a mini, or more accurately, a custom micro-scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron set that any true-blue fan can assemble and will surely adore.

Over at his Facebook page, and as his way of saying thanks to all who have supported his LEGO Ideas set, Lendy shared this simple, yet overly cute micro-scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron model of the iconic defender of the universe, complete with building instructions and parts inventory.

Micro-Scaled LEGO Ideas Voltron

micro lego ideas voltron 2

A quick overview of the inventory shows that this brick-built custom micro model of LEGO Voltron consists of common elements that may just be sitting around in your own LEGO collection. I’m quite sure that I have these pieces on hand, save for the gold star symbol. A visit at Bricklink will surely cover all these needed parts and much more.

Thanks Lendy for this share and I will surely look forward to have my LEGO Ideas Voltron box signed anytime soon.

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