Total Sensory Space Debuts at LEGOLAND Windsor

Theme parks are often touted to be the happiest places on Earth, especially if said parks belong to some big-brand name companies. Still, very popular (heavily-visited) theme parks run the risk of being perceived as crowded, noisy and over-flashy. Some park guests might need a nice quiet place to get away from all of that. And LEGOLAND Windsor may have hit on a solution for their crowd-weary visitors with their conception of the Total Sensory Space. Located in the LEGO Friends-themed Heartlake City area, this indoor attraction is being promoted by LEGOLAND Windsor as a welcome calming environment, great for guests with “individual sensory needs”.

With its offerings of interactive visual projections, bubble-blowing tubes, vibrating beanbags, musical sound pads, fiber-optic decorations and activity touch-panels, all under soft lighting, the Heartlake City Total Sensory Space has been designed to give just the right amount of sensory needs, and there’s a particular sort of guests who will get the most benefit out of the room’s various features: those within the autism spectrum.

Total Sensory Space

LEGOLAND Windsor’s Total Sensory Space director Vanessa Ford is proud at what the park managed to achieve with their attraction. We hope that people of all ages with sensory needs enjoy the area, and that it contributes to making a great day out even better,” she said. And in fact, their Sensory Space facility has already received positive reviews from the UK’s National Autistic Society.

For more information on LEGOLAND Windsor’s Total Sensory Space, and for inquiries and ticket bookings, you may visit LEGOLAND Windsor at their official website here.

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