More 2017 LEGO Juniors Featuring Disney’s Frozen, DC Superheroes Batman, and LEGO Friends.

A couple of days ago, we had our first look of some of the LEGO Juniors sets that will make their way into store shelves in 2017. The LEGO Junior line provides a sort of transition for younger children, from the simpler and more basic Duplo system, before they move on to more advanced and challenging LEGO sets. It also offers a relatively straightforward building experience that encourages young builders to hone their brick-building skills with ‘easy to build’ sets. Based on almost all of LEGO’s active themes, some of these LEGO Junior sets prove to be interesting even for older children and adults alike. Several of these sets highlight play features and unique parts that would prove to be appealing to most LEGO fans. Let’s take a look at this second wave of reveals under this theme, courtesy once again of Hoth Bricks.


Anna’s and Elsa’s Frozen Playground (10736); 94 pieces

10736 10736_alt1


Batman vs. Mr. Freeze (10737); 63 pieces

10737 10737_alt1


Mia’s Farm Suitcase (10746); 100 pieces

10746 10746_alt1


Andrea and Stephanie’s Beach Holiday (10747); 143 pieces

10747 10747_alt1

We still have a handful of 2017 LEGO Juniors sets waiting to be revealed, and will give you updates as soon as new information comes in. Let us know what you think of these sets in the comments section below, or join in the discussion via our Facebook page.

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