More 2017 LEGO Mighty Micros Revealed!

Two days ago, LEGO gave us a glimpse of their 2017 DC Superheroes Mighty Micros, expected to debut at the San Diego Comic-Con this month. Hot off the trail from this reveal, LEGO has just posted via their Facebook page a variant to their miniaturized, adorable creations.  We now have our first glimpse of LEGO’s Marvel Superheroes Mighty Micros line. Though LEGO has not yet provided the official names of these three pairs, guessing what they might be called based on these images, is a no-brainer.
Spider-Man VS The Scorpion

spiderman vs scorpion


Wolverine VS Magneto

wolverine and magneto


Iron Man VS Thanos

iron man vs thanos

It’s kind of cute to see how LEGO was able to pattern these Mighty Micros vehicles similar to the color and personality of the superheroes/villains that ride them. Personally, I like how Magneto’s ride was built, highlighting the U-shape magnet on his car. The same goes for Thanos and his obsession to take hold of what’s known as the Infinity Gauntlet.

Similar to their DC counterparts, LEGO will showcase these sets at SDCC 2016 from July 21 to 24. However, they will be made available to the public by January next year retailing at $9.99. It seems that LEGO will have something under its sleeve, with more sets to be revealed as they walk the road leading to this year’s San Diego Comic Con. So be sure to bookmark our site for more LEGO news update only here at the Brick Show!

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