More 2017 LEGO Nexo Knights Images!

LEGO unloaded a huge stash of upcoming sets slated to be released in the first half of 2017. Coming from various themes such as Friends, Technic, Nexo Knights and City, there has been a lot of buzz recently on the merits and features of these much talked about sets and now, thanks to Hoth Bricks, we have more images to share particularly from the kingdom of Knighton. Truth be told, there has been several leaked images a couple of days ago regarding these sets but it is only now that we get a closer and much detailed look at their official images.

Another first for our Knights, it’s seems that our heroes get an upgrade from Merlok along with a handful of awesome battle gears, vehicles, and a new way to combine and utilize Nexo Powers. Well, it doesn’t come with a price though, because in the realm of Jestro, a new nemesis rises and they come with a menacing, purple streak. This is one exciting, edge-of-your-seat year for LEGO Nexo Knights!


King’s Guard Artillery (70347); 98 pieces

70347-1 70347-alt1 70347-alt2


Lance’s Twin Jouster (70348); 216 pieces

70348-1 70348-alt1 70348-alt2


Ruina’s Lock & Roller (70349); 208 pieces

70349-1 70349-alt2 70349-alt1


The Three Brothers (70350); 266 pieces

70350-1 70350-alt2 70350-alt1


Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster (70351); 523 pieces

70351-1 70351-alt1 70351-alt2


Jestro’s Headquarters (70352); 840 pieces

70352-1 70352-alt2 70352-alt1


Lance vs. Lightning (70359); 257 pieces

70359-1 70359-alt1


Battle Suit Clay (70362); 79 pieces

70362-alt1 70362-1


Battle Suit Macy (70363); 66 pieces

70363-alt1 70363-1


Battle Suit Aaron (70364); 80 pieces

70364-alt1 70364-1


Battle Suit Axl (70365); 88 pieces

70365-alt1 70365-1


Battle Suit Lance (70366); 83 pieces

70366-alt1 70366-1

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