More Box Art Images of the Latest 2018 Nexo Knights Sets Spotted!

After Jason and the rest of the Brick Show team went on a LEGO hunting trip yesterday, it appears that more sightings of the latest wave of LEGO Nexo Knights sets have been spotted in various Toys R Us stores. Thanks to Eurobricks forum members, we now have some decent images of the sets’ box arts that might give us a hint on how these sets are. As of this writing, 5  out of 6 of the 2018 sets were now spotted ahead of this year’s Brick Friday LEGO sale. However, it seems that official images are only limited to the Berserker Bomber (72003), and we still haven’t seen the likes of Lance’s Hover Jouster (72001).  We’ll keep you posted once official images are which are expected to be available by before the end of the month.

Here’s what fellow AFOLs found through various stores. Credits also to Brickset for sharing some of these images.

Twinfector (72002)

72002 1


Tech Wizard Showdown (72004)

72004 1 1
72004 1a


Aaron’s X-Bow (72005)

72005 1
72005 1a


Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006)

72006 1


Brick Show Brian managed to bag the Tech Wizard Showdown and here’s what he has to say about this cool set.


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