New LEGO Billund Airport (40199) Set Spotted

Back in 2014, LEGO released a souvenir set that celebrates one of the notable places in the heart of Billund, Denmark. The LEGO Billund Airport (4000016), following the style design of the LEGO Architecture line, was exclusively sold back then at the LEGO Store located inside the airport. Only 10,000 sets were made at that time and even after 4 years since it was introduced, it remained available inside the LEGO store partly because of its relatively higher price as compared to other sets. Nonetheless, like any limited-edition set, its exclusivity was certainly attractive to collectors in spite of the higher tag price.

4000016 1 1

However, it looks like LEGO has now replaced this set with a new and revised one, with minor differences that is not easily recognizable at first glance. Brickset reports that the LEGO Billund Airport (40199) was recently spotted in the said LEGO Store inside the airport which basically replaced its older 2014 predecessor. Just to be clear, the LEGO Store inside the Billund Airport is not accessible to the public, unless you’re flying in and will pass through the passport control area.

40199 1 1

A Brickset reader also mentions that the LEGO Store maintains a sort of ‘anti-scalping’ policy where in the cost of the LEGO Billund Airport (40199) set increases to up to 899DKK each if a customer will opt to buy 4 or more sets. This is a welcomed move, and I wish other LEGO Stores will also follow the same practice with other exclusive, or limited-run sets.

LEGO Billund Airport 40199 shop
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As I said, there is not much of a difference between the two sets except for some minor, aesthetic details. Try to see if you can spot them, and let us know in the comments below.


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