New LEGO Friends Summer 2018 Set Images Revealed

Coming again from Amazon France’s reveal of the summer 2018 Creator and Ninjago sets, we now have our first images of this year’s LEGO Friends sets due to be out sometime this summer. If you recall, we mentioned a rumor back in December that mentions that the next wave of LEGO Friends sets will see the gang having a go-kart racing theme. This time, it seems that the rumors are now set in stone with Amazon France giving us a glimpse of how a brick-built, LEGO Friends-inspired go-kart racing will look like.

I’m not particularly fond of the LEGO Friends theme, but I have to say that the karts are pretty slick coming in at mini-doll proportions. I like the color scheme on these karts, and their design somehow speaks of their riders’ characteristics and personalities. I’m also impressed on how the Heartlake City Resort (41347) turned out, and the nice selection of mini-builds included with this year’s LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (41353). Let’s take a closer look at the rest of these sets.


Andrea’s Bedroom (41341)

Emma’s Bedroom (41342)

183 pieces; 23.61 Euros

Andrea’s Accessories Store (41344)

294 pieces; 39.99 Euros


Friendship Box (41346)

563 pieces; 64.20 Euros


Heartlake City Resort (41347)

1017 pieces; 114.73 Euros


Service & Care Truck (41348)

247 pieces; 30.80 Euros


Drifting Diner (41349)

345 pieces; 41.00 Euros


Creative Tuning Shop (41351)

413 pieces; 56.69 Euros


The Big Race Day (41352)

648 pieces; 71.37 Euros


Friends Advent Calendar (41353)

500 pieces; 38.20 Euros

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