New LEGO Summer Sets Still Up at and Amazon

It has almost been a week since the latest wave of LEGO summer sets have been released, with a handful of them now being temporarily out of stock or in backorder from due to their high demand and popularity among fans. This latest wave of new LEGO sets is pretty much impressive and sought after on their own, with a good number of sets coming from the LEGO Harry Potter Wizarding World, LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Ideas just to name a few. And if you haven’t made up your mind until now on which of these uber cool sets you want to bring home with you, then you’ll be glad to know that most of them are still available either via or Amazon. Let’s look back and revisit some of them these latest LEGO summer sets and see if we still have the chance to bag them. For convenience, just click on the links to know more. Whenever applicable, and if the set is on backorder at LEGO Shop@Home, I’ve also included an its corresponding link on Amazon for you to check as well. Since these are affiliate links, any purchase that you made through these will be a big help in keeping our blogsite up.

Just a last reminder: for any purchases worth $35 and above from August 1 to 14 entitles you to a free Plants from Plants (40320) set, and a free LEGO Unikitty Castle Room (5005239) from August 1 to 12 for any LEGO Unikitty set purchase worth $25 and above.

LEGO Architecture

LEGO Summer Sets

Statue of Liberty (21042)

Great Wall of China (21041) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)


LEGO BrickHeadz

41615 alt1

Steve & Creeper (41612)

Elsa (41617)

Anna & Olaf (41618)

Harry Potter & Hedwig (41615)

Hermione Granger (41616) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Ron Weasley & Albus Dumbledore (41621)




Passenger Train (60197)

Cargo Train (60198) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Capital City (60200)

People Pack – Outdoor Adventures (60202)

Tracks (60205)

Switch Tracks (60238)


LEGO Creator Expert

10262 Box1 v39

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 (10262)



LEGO DC Comics Superheroes

76095 alt1

Aquaman: Black Manta Strike (76095) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Batman: The Attack of the Talons (76110)

Batman: Brother Eye Takedown (76111)



LEGO Friends

41352 alt1

Friendship Box (41346)

Heartlake City Resort (41347)

Service & Care Truck (41348)

Drifting Diner (41349)

Spinning Brushes Car Wash (41350)

Creative Tuning Shop (41351)

The Big Race Day (41352)



LEGO Ideas

21311 Box1 v39

Voltron (21311)



LEGO Minecraft

21147 alt1

The Skull Arena (21145)

The Skeleton Attack (21146)

The Bedrock Adventures (21147)


LEGO Ninjago and LEGO Ninjago Movie

70657 alt1

Destiny’s Wing (70650)

Throne Room Showdown (70651)

Stormbringer (70652)

Firstbourne (70653)

Dieselnaut (70654)

Dragon Pit (70655)

Ninjago City Docks (70657) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Oni Titan (70658)


LEGO Star Wars

75218 alt1

Hoth Medical Chamber (75203) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter (75214) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes (75215) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Snoke’s Throne Room (75216)

Imperial Conveyex Transport (75217)

X-Wing Starfighter (75218) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Imperial AT-Hauler (75219)

Sandcrawler (75220) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Imperial Landing Craft (75221) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)


LEGO Technic

42083 Packaging Details 06

Heavy Duty Forklift (42079)

Forest Machine (42080)

Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX (42081)

Rough Terrain Crane (42082) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Bugatti Chiron (42083)


LEGO Unikitty

41456 alt1

Unikitty Cloud Car (41451)

Prince Puppycorn Trike (41452)

Party Time (41453)

Dr. Fox Laboratory (41454)

Unikingdom Creative Brick Box (41455) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)

Unikingdom Fairground Fun (41456) – now in backorder at (check Amazon)



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