Here’s How To Build The LEGO Hogwarts Express From Barnes & Noble’s Build and Take Event

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book in the US, and the eventual release of LEGO’s new Wizarding World sets, Barnes & Noble has launched a LEGO Build and Take this Saturday at select bookstore branches in the US. And just recently, fans who attended the event have now shared several images of this mini LEGO Hogwarts Express and the instructions that go along with it.

I didn’t notice it back then when the event was still being promoted via social media, but thanks to avid LEGO Harry Potter fans, they’ve correctly pointed out that this version of the Barnes & Noble LEGO Hogwarts Express is exactly the same build that can be found in the now discontinued LEGO Dimensions Harry Potter Team Pack (71247).

banner lego mini hogwarts express 2

This particular mini-build comes in at 43 pieces and can easily built using any LEGO pieces that you have. Though the Barnes & Noble’s mini LEGO Hogwarts Express build and take event set was not exactly an exclusive build so to speak, it’s still cool to bring home a piece of the LEGO Harry Potter magic. If you missed out on this event and would still like the make your own mini LEGO Hogwarts Express, you may download the building instructions for the 71247 which you can find from LEGO’s customer service portal. The parts list is also made available so having the right pieces should be a snap.

So what do you think of this promotional set, brick fans? Were you there during the yesterday’s B&N build and take event? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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