AFOLs Only: LEGO-Themed Pop-up Bars to Open in Australian Cities Late 2018.

Here’s a piece of LEGO news that skews rather towards grown-up, mature readers, from a certain point of view. If anybody ever told you that LEGO bricks and, of all things, booze might go quite well together, would you agree? That will be put to the test over in Australia.

The announcement just came recently, printed in Broadsheet Melbourne, regarding a series of pop-up bars where alcohol and LEGO are going to be “served” together as it were. Just for that, it’s obvious that the enterprise has no ties with the child-friendly LEGO Group, but adult builders might be delighted.

Legobar is a line of pop-up bars that will be opening for business in some of Australia’s major cities. According to the announcement, the establishment will be decorated with LEGO sculptures and models, as well as building elements that would be made generally available for the patrons to construct with.


An initial estimate of the number of LEGO bricks and other elements at each Legobar was given in a rather generous one million, and they will be available without charge to customers coming in to order a beer and anything else on the menu. Music would be provided by DJs.

Demi Montgomer, creative director of Legobar, gives a simple reason for the aesthetics of the place. “Everyone loves LEGO,” she says. “It’s nostalgic and this bar is designed to bring out the kid in all of us.” It makes for a quirky visual dichotomy: adults drinking alcohol and playing LEGO.

For Aussies (and perhaps tourists planning to travel down under this year), they can expect the Legobar pop-ups to open sometime in the autumn, in the following cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. Again, The LEGO Group has no connection with the pop-up bars. Good kids need not know about them.

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