Now It’s Beyond the Brick with a Contest to Get You to Billund and LEGO House for Skærbæk Fan Weekend

Could you believe the number of promos and contests that LEGO and affiliated groups are launching just to send one lucky winner to LEGO House in Billund? First there’s one from LEGO Rebrick. And now we have a contest from hit LEGO podcast Beyond the Brick added to the mix.

Much like all the rest, this contest by Beyond the Brick is their part in the wide celebration of LEGO’s 60 Years of the Brick. The objective for interested participants is simple: they simply need to create a custom MOC that could be seamlessly incorporated with an official LEGO set.

Sounds simple? Well, the combined official and MOC LEGO display must be small enough to fit in a suitcase, as the winner will be taking it with them, intact, to Billund. The prize round-trip is scheduled for September 26, 2018 – October 2, 2018, in time for the Skærbæk Fan Weekend.

That’s one of the biggest LEGO conventions anywhere in the world, and the winner of Beyond the Brick’s contest will get to display their work there, which would also include a trip to LEGO House. They’ll get to room with the Beyond the Brick team during their stay, plus meals.

But while the contest winner gets to hang out at Billund during Skærbæk, the runners-up won’t be going away empty-handed. The second placer will receive sets of LEGO House (21037) and the Tree of Creativity (4000026). Third place gets only the LEGO House (21037) but hey, it’s a cool set.

For more information on Beyond the Brick’s 60 Years of LEGO Brick Skærbæk contest, you can check out the details and the rules at their Flickr group page here. The contest period is until April 30 only, so if you want a shot at flying to Billund, go join now.

Author: Albert Balanza

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