Official Box Art Images of LEGO Minecraft Sets Slated for The First Half of 2017 Surfaces!

Following the release of the official images of LEGO Speed Champions 2017, comes another wave of reveals courtesy of our friends from Hoth Bricks. Minecraft fans rejoice, for we now have these cool official box art images of the next LEGO Minecraft sets scheduled to be released during the first half of 2017. Once again, prices mentioned below are based on our rough estimates and are not to be considered as final.


Mushroom Island  (21129) for $19.99

21129 e1483186594600


Nether Railway (21130) for $39.99

21130 e1483186672539 

Ice Towers (21131) for 49.99

21131 e1483186738276 


Jungle Temple  (21132) for $59.99

21132 e1483186825117 

Witch House (21133) for 69.99

21133 e1483186880784 

Secret Waterfall Escape (21134) for $89.99

21134 e1483187023820


Bricket has listed two additional sets – 21135 and 21136 – that are still waiting to be revealed. So be sure to check back with us since we will be updating this page when new images arrive.

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