Official Images of LEGO Nexo Knights 2018 Sets Now Up.

Since most of the 2018 LEGO Nexo Knights have been spotted already in the wild over at Toys R Us, LEGO has now updated its servers to include the official images of these latest sets. It seems that all of the sets have been officially revealed except for Lance’s Hover Jouster (72001), which might be a store exclusive. We just have to wait probably until the end of the month, or once Brick Friday kicks in, to find out. For now, let’s enjoy these crisp images.

Twinfector (72002)

72002 alt1 72002 1 1 72002 alt2 72002 alt3 72002 alt4 72002 alt5 72002 alt6 72002 alt7 72002 alt8 72002 alt9 72002 alt10 72002 alt11








Berserker Bomber (72003)

72003 alt1 72003 1 1 72003 alt2 72003 alt3 72003 alt4

72003 alt5 72003 alt6 72003 alt7 72003 alt8 72003 alt9 72003 alt10








Tech Wizard Showdown (72004)

72004 alt1 72004 1 2 72004 alt2 72004 alt3 72004 alt5 72004 alt6 72004 alt8 72004 alt9 72004 alt7 72004 alt4 72004 alt10 72004 alt11 72004 alt12 72004 alt13 72004 alt14 72004 alt15








Aaron’s X-Bow (72005)

72005 alt1 72005 1 1 72005 alt2 72005 alt3 72005 alt4 72005 alt5 72005 alt6 72005 alt7 72005 alt8 72005 alt9 72005 alt10 72005 alt11 72005 alt12








Axl’s Rolling Arsenal (72006) 

72006 alt1 72006 1 1 72006 alt2 72006 alt3 72006 alt4 72006 alt572006 alt9

72006 alt6 72006 alt7 72006 alt872006 alt10 72006 alt11 72006 alt12








Among the five sets that have been revealed already, I’ll say that my personal favorite is the Tech Wizard Showdown (72004). The idea of having a battle suit placed inside a larger mech always gets my attention, similar to the Hulk Buster Smash (76031). In spite the sheer amount of weaponry and play features that Clay’s mech has, it still manages to have a moderate degree of articulation and is impressively stable.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, what I find appealing about these latest Nexo Knights sets are the designs of the Cyberbyters’ (not really sure if this is how they are called) rides. I’m sure fans of the Classic Space sets will find that the Blacktron vibe is surely felt with these latest offerings. The black and translucent green color scheme on the Twinfector (72002) and Berserker Bomber (72003) surely nailed it. It gives you a feeling that these latest LEGO sets will not just be appealing to children, but also to older, nostalgic AFOLs. There are rumors that these might be the last wave of LEGO Nexo Knights sets that we will ever see due to relatively underwhelming sales figures. Let’s just hope that the theme has what it takes to continue its creative and action-packed storyline, and for us to see more good sets later on.

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