Official Images of the LEGO Star Wars 2017 Summer Sets Finally Released!

It seems like forever since we saw them way back during this year’s New York Toy Fair, but thankfully, we can see them once again through gleaming eyes as the official images for this summer’s wave of LEGO Star Wars sets have been finally released.

These sets feature some of the best and memorable scenes and vehicles across the Star Wars saga, including some from The Freemaker Adventures TV series and a several buildable figures. They’re expected to be released sometime in June as highlighted in the LEGO’s June Store Calendar. Let’s take a look.


First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack (75166); 117 pieces; $14.99

Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack (75167); 122 pieces; $14.99

Jakku Quadjumper (75178); 457 pieces; $49.99


Rathtar Escape (75180); 836 pieces; $79.99


Republic Fighter Tank (75182); 305 pieces; $24.99


Darth Vader Transformation (75183); 282 pieces; $24.99


Tracker I (75185); 557 pieces; $69.99


The Arrowhead (75186); 775 pieces; $89.99


Stormtrooper Commander (75531); 100 pieces; $24.99


Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike (75532); 452 pieces; $54.99




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