DK Officially Reveals Its LEGO John Stewart Green Lantern Minifigure Exclusive.

Last April, we reported on a DC Comics Super Heroes minifigure exclusive that will be offered together with Dorling Kindersley’s Build Your Own Adventure Book Series. This time, we have a closer look at this exclusive thanks to Amazon UK. DK’s latest LEGO book offering comes with the very first, LEGO John Stewart Green Lantern minifigure. It is expected that this rare minifigure will be eyed upon by most collectors since this is the only second iteration of the Green Lantern, the first being Hal Jordan as seen in the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (76025) set.

Check out these clearer images of the LEGO John Stewart Green Lantern minifigure, together with some preview pages from the book.

LEGO Green Lantern DK 11 LEGO Green Lantern DK 21

LEGO Green Lantern DK 19

This DK exclusive Green Lantern minifigure sports a different torso as compared to Hal Jordan’s version on 76025. Furthermore, unlike the latter, the exclusive minifig features a pair of glowing, green eyes and a slightly varied black and green leg print. It also comes with instructions in building Stewart’s spaceship, a sledge hammer construct, laser jammer, bank vault, and Flash’s Buggy. Here’s a preview of what you can find inside DK’s latest offering.

LEGO Green Lantern DK 13LEGO Green Lantern DK 18LEGO Green Lantern DK 14LEGO Green Lantern DK 1LEGO Green Lantern DK 15   LEGO Green Lantern DK 16   LEGO Green Lantern DK 20 LEGO Green Lantern DK 17

If you don’t want to miss out on the chance of having this minifigure, be sure to take advantage of placing a pre-order to guarantee your copy before the book is released to the general public on August 1, 2017. It will retail at USD$16.50.




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