Our Next LEGO Keychain in 2018 is… a Brick Separator?!

AFOLs will definitely find this either obnoxiously cute, or a heartfelt must have – and I’m inclined to gravitate towards the latter. Zusammengebaut brought to our attention the next series of LEGO keychains for 2018 (whose official images were uploaded recently via LEGO servers) and one of these is not the typical keychain that you might have expected. I have a couple of LEGO keychains myself, mostly of minifigures that I really like such as the Gingerbread Man, but this time, I will definitely want this included in my must have checklist. Because as an AFOL who has just risen from his dark ages, the Brick Separator will be the symbol of my return to the hobby. Check this out and hopefully, never lose your LEGO brick separator again!

LEGO Brick Separator Key Chain (853792)


Now isn’t that a sight to behold. I know some of you will vehemently react with disdain on such an idea, thinking that whoever thought about this is either lazy or just simply believe that we live in a LEGO brick world, thus the need for a handy brick separator everywhere we go (ok, that sounds too far-fetched). But for some reason, I am drawn in wanting to have it – really, seriously.

Anyways, but for those of you who doesn’t want to have a dangling brick separator hanging on your backpacks, then you’ll be happy to know that LEGO has also uploaded two new keychains based on LEGO CMF Series 17’s Butterfly Girl and Corn Cob Guy.

LEGO Corn Cob Guy Key Chain (853794)



LEGO Butterfly Girl Key Chain (853795)


We don’t have a price tag yet for these  newest set of LEGO gears, but knowing that they are now uploaded to LEGO servers means that we will see them soon at LEGO shop@Home.

Now pardon me, I still need to find my trusty brick separator and see if I can bore a hole through it…

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  1. LOL! I already builded some of These Brick Seperator Keychains on my own, 2years ago. Dammed, I should have had them send to LEGO Ideas

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