Possible LEGO DC Set of “Elseworlds: Kingdom Come” on SDCC 2018 Posted by Writer-Artist Alex Ross

LEGO-related news of the 2018 San Diego Comic Con keeps pouring in these days. We just covered some exclusive LEGO Star Wars stuff in the Millennium Falcon Cockpit (75512), and now we have news of a possible addition to the various LEGO releases for the event, based on DC Comics.

To be precise, this possible LEGO DC Super Heroes set release is based on a one-off storyline from DC’s Elseworlds alternate-universe imprint: Kingdom Come, one of the most well-known deconstructive narratives of the comic-book superhero, next perhaps to Watchmen. The storyline features famous super-faces like you’ve never seen them before.

Word about this LEGO DC Kingdom Come set for SDCC was announced by Alex Ross, co-writer (along with Mark Waid) and sole artist of this particular Elseworlds series. Ross posted a photo of the set on his Facebook page, describing it as “New- Kingdom come- LEGO set #sdcc”. Nothing follows.

Judging from the one image we got, this Kingdom Come set is primarily LEGO minifigures with a brick-built background set and no further props. The characters we get are (left to right): “Golden Age” Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Spectre, Wonder Woman, Superman, Pastor Norman McCay (the story’s viewpoint character), Batman, and Flash (Wallace West).

But what exactly are we looking at here? A surprise official LEGO DC set? Maybe it’s a customization overseen by Alex Ross to only be exhibited at SDCC’s LEGO booth? We really need more info on this beyond that photo, so we’ll be keeping a lookout for any further announcements.

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