Impressive LEGO MOC of Milwaukee’s Miller Park Stadium Took 9 Years of Building, Featuring in Upcoming Madison LEGO Con

Some LEGO MOCs are just so grand, so elaborate, and so epic in scale that they literally take years in order to be completed. A LEGO Convention happening next weekend in Madison will soon play host to one of the most ambitious building MOCs yet, a famous Wisconsin sports venue.

Tim Kaebisch attended college at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. While there, he spent his free time conceptualizing and beginning work on a LEGO build of nearby Miller Park, home stadium of the Milwaukee Brewers MLB baseball team. The venue is famous for its roof, the only convertible fan-retractable roof in North America, using mechanisms to open or close its roof for a choice of indoor or outdoor baseball games.

While the scale of Kaebisch’s Miller Park stadium is understandably pared down, the structure was able to replicate the real thing’s fan-shaped roof system that folds and unfolds as accurately as can be, exposing a baseball diamond with bleacher seats and enough room for a LEGO minifigure crowd of spectators.

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This was a labor of love to capture the shape, color and inner workings of Miller Park. Kaebisch used about 30,000 LEGO bricks for his project, and worked on it for nine years. It was finally completed just in time for him to join many other LEGO builders from all over the world, coming to exhibit their expertise at the BrickUniverse LEGO Convention next weekend.

LEGO enthusiasts in Madison, Wisconsin and nearby areas can go and catch the BrickUniverse LEGO Convention at the Monona Terrace Convention Center. The event runs from June 30 to July, so go ahead and see the Miller Park among various other LEGO creations over there.

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