Put Your Game Face On For Iron Builder 5.0!

It has been quite a while since I revisited the ‘Coliseum of Bricks and Blood’, and when I saw what the extraordinarily talented folks of the Builders Lounge have in store for its latest season of Iron Builder, I can’t fight the AFOL spectator in me. Returning for a fifth season with its new twists and turns, is Iron Builder 5.0 which promises a more entertaining MOC death match for all fans of the game. In case you’re not familiar with this gruelling, triathlon-like contest, then you may want to check out this sort of an introduction that I wrote earlier last year.

This time around, we get to see the skills of one of the most creative builders that Iron Builder has ever seen. If you’re familiar with the work of Chris Maddison such as his Halloween-inspired Brick or Treat and a brick-built Pokeball, then you realize how ingenious and clever this guy can really be.

for john PokeballCollapse

On the other side of the fence, we have IB’s very first solo Lady AFOL challenger in the person of Cecilie Fritzfold. IB is witness to the amazing talents of its femme fatale members, but it is Cecilie that raised the bar so to speak, for being IB’s first lone female contender to go head-to-head against the giants of the Builder Lounge. Her works features many impressive micro-scale renditions of popular titles such as Starcraft, Star Wars, TMNT, and Super Mario among many others. Cecilie is also no stranger to other competitions, bringing with her past recognitions such as winning 1st place in the Imperium de Steine MOC Olympics in 2015, 1st place at brickpirate.net‘s architecture competition, numerous BrickWorld nominations for individual MOCs and other notable wins on various building contests in the Norwegian LUG over the past years.

Rogue One Starcraft II Mario Kart

For this 5th season of Iron Builder our contenders must wrestle with how to effectively use the seed element which is the Tile 2×3 with angle, or commonly referred to as a shield piece popularized in LEGO Nexo Knights sets.

IB element

We’re barely past the first week of the competition and yet we already saw some pretty slick MOCs from Chris and Cecilie. Check out their most recent creations below and see if you can find how the secret LEGO ingredient is used in their MOCs.

Let the games begin

NES Controller

No time for sleep!

Forged for Combat

The Silent Neighbours

Your Move


Iron Builder 5.0 will run for the entire month of February and if you want to keep track of the action, you may follow IB’s Flickr website right here which also features entries cool MOCs from previous Iron Builder contests. You may also visit and like their Facebook page as well to have a chance of winning a LEGO Marvel Superheroes Attack on Avengers Tower (76038) set.


Who do you think will emerge as this year’s first Iron Builder? Will Chris bring home the title as the IB Champion, or are we to see Cecilie become the first ever solo female Iron Builder champion? Who is your bet?


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