Some Rumors About the Summer 2018 LEGO Disney and Friends Sets.

This was just out courtesy of BrickFanatics: It seems that LEGO has more great surprises in store for the summer of 2018. These come in some possible new sets for two of their product lineups, that of their Disney tie-ins as well as for the girls-oriented LEGO Friends label.

We’ve already done a coverage of the latest LEGO Friends sets coming out early next year, and those sets as well as the LEGO Disney ones are already available on, and eventually, LEGO has some nifty follow-up ideas that will be making their debut several months later on in 2018.

The LEGO Disney additions for summer 2018 is fairly small, but quite in tune with the latest trends. Reportedly they are two sets based on Tangled: The Series, based on the ongoing Disney channel TV series spinoff of the 2010 animated film. The series is highly praised for its engaging storyline and typical Disney humor, as well as retaining its primary voice talents, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

As for LEGO Friends, rumor has it that it will be receiving a subtheme of its own. There’s not a lot of info regarding that, other than it might involve certain elements of go-kart racing, with the all-girl Friends cast getting into the thick of fast-paced action on various cars and racing sets. In addition, certain other LEGO Friends sets will have life-sized accessories, such as a microphone shaped like a mobile phone.

All in all they sound likeĀ  a lot of things to look out for when you’re a LEGO Disney or LEGO Friends collector. We’ll have to wait until 2018 comes to get more concrete information.

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