Several 2018 LEGO City, Creator and Nexo Knights Sets Are Now Starting to Appear at Toys R Us!

The Brick Show Team was on LEGO hunt earlier today and their search led them to several TRU stores in Florida. To our surprise, we stumbled upon this cool selection of 2018 LEGO Creator, City, and Ninjago Movie sets that are now put on display on TRU’s shelves. First off, we have Jason picking up this haul from TRU in Altamonte Springs consisting some of the 2018 LEGO City sets.

LEGO City Ambulance Helicopter (60179): 190 pieces; $19.99

60179 image uploaded from ios 1

LEGO City Monster Truck (60180): 192 pieces; $19.99

60180 image uploaded from ios 2

LEGO City Pickup and Caravan (60182): 334 pieces; $29.99

60182 image uploaded from ios 3


Our Master Builders Sean and Tyler were also on a hunt, where they managed to bag some of the newest 2018 Creator sets around in their local TRU store.

LEGO Creator Extreme Engines (31072): 109 pieces; $9.99

31072 img 20171113 191416695

LEGO Creator Outback Adventures (31075): 225 pieces; $19.99

31075 img 20171113 191416695

LEGO Creator Daredevil Stunt Plane (31076): 200 pieces; $19.99

31076 image uploaded from ios


Finally, Brick Show Brian has a LEGO haul of his own coming in from the Northshore of Boston. I am green with envy because one of his finds is a personal favorite. I would love to try my hands on that Quake Mech!

LEGO Ninjago Movie Quake Mech (70632); 1202 pieces; $89.99

70632 img 20171113 191551

Surprisingly, Brian also landed on a 2018 Nexo Knights set that were just recently revealed via Brickset’s database. The box art image below is courtesy of Brickset.

LEGO Nexo Knights Tech Wizard Showdown (72004); 506 pieces; $39.99

72004 1

The entire Brick Show team will surely be busy during the next few days with their respective reviews of these sets, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and also here in our blog. What is your LEGO haul lately? Have you spotted any of the LEGO 2018 sets? Let us know in the comments below or head over at our Facebook page to join the discussion.

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