Side-by-Side Comparison of the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) with its Original Custom Build.

If you haven’t been keeping up with news, the newest in-production LEGO Ideas set, Flagship Leviathan – Ship in a Bottle (21313), is ready to whip up a storm when it hits stores in February. You can even get it earlier at a creator’s signing event in Utah on January 27.

The journey from custom fan design to official packaged set has been long though. LEGO Ideas project contributor Jake Sadovich had first submitted his proposed set way back in November of 2016, got its 10,000 supporters a month later, and then eventually approved by the LEGO Ideas Review Team in August of the following year.

Since then, it would take about half a year (which is almost at an end this January 2018) before the Ship in a Bottle (21313)  will be out for interested collectors to buy. In that period, LEGO designers would go on to make some necessary alterations and improvements to Sadovich’s original design.

But how different is the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) compared to the original proposal? Sadovich helpfully answers that by posting a photo of his original creation and the official version on the AFOLs of Facebook closed group page. At first glance, the final version’s smaller than the prototype.

ship in a bottle comparison 2

ship in a bottle comparison 3

That isn’t the only difference though. Sadovich self-depreciatingly hints to a possible higher-difficulty assembly level of his work by saying that set 21313 is even more “user-friendly”. Perhaps the smaller size means a smaller number of pieces to put together. We can find out for sure this coming February 1.

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    Nice review. It’s ‘self deprecatingly’ by the way, a term which means to be critical of oneself, usually in a humorous way.

    What you wrote, ‘self-depreciatingly’, isn’t a known term. If it was, it would mean something along the lines of ‘lowering your own value over time’.

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