Something Big Is Coming in September – Can You Guess What It Is?

Considering how much fake news has already spread over the Internet during the past months about the rumored comeback of the LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon, I will completely understand if  you will opt to stop reading beyond this point. However, the LEGO Star Wars faithful from Rebel Scum has recently picked a piece of intel that is definitely worth our attention.

LEGO set designer Hans Burkhard Schlömer is one LEGO’s most prolific creators responsible for designing several LEGO Chima and Star Wars sets, most noteworthy of them are the Slave I (75060), Assault on Hoth (75098), and 2015’s Millennium Falcon (75105), all under the Ultimate Collectors’ Series.

Hans LEGO UCS Slave 1

Hans is also the creator of one of the most recent LEGO Star Wars sets the Republic Fighter Tank (75182). Though this set is unrelated to the rumored Millennium Falcon, what is interesting is the teaser that Hans left as part of his Brickset Notes for 75182. Here’s a screen shot of what he said in case these things start to disappear.

UCS Millenium 2

To emphasize, Hans points out that:

“Clones need a ride too! I did this set as a quick side-project while working on a much, much, much, much, much, much larger set which is going to be announced on September 1st 2017”.

Now, before we jump into conclusions that this may all be circumstantial as far as the UCS Millennium Falcon is concerned, it might help to look back at the designer video for the LEGO Creator Expert Carousel (10257). These designer vids are famous for dropping clues that point out to yet to be revealed sets. Be quick on the pause button and try to hit it at around the 0:02 mark. Guess who’s holding the microscale Millennium Falcon as it is chased around by a space slug? Yup, it is definitely Hans. You can also see in the background some LEGO Star Wars sets that he designed including Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156), and the Resistance Troop Transporter (75140).

UCS Millenium

The month of September is a very important month for LEGO and Star Wars fans, since this marks the start of the annual Star Wars sales event, Force Friday. LEGO definitely knows how to time its big reveals. Again, I want to point out that this may all be circumstantial as Rebel Scum succinctly points out, but nevertheless, the facts are quite hard to ignore.

So what do you say about these Brick Fans? What do you think this “much, much, much, much, much, much larger set” that Hans is referring to? Things are really getting more exciting!




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