Star Wars The Last Jedi As Told In LEGO Bricks – Is LEGO Teasing on Future Star Wars Sets?

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi is now available in digital format and to celebrate the home theatrical release of the film, the latest SW saga is now given the LEGO treatment, retelling two hours worth of material in a little over two minutes. Uploaded via official YouTube channel, the clip begins with a short back story of Luke Skywalker and how he ends up at the planet Crait, saving the lives of the remaining Resistance forces. Let’s watch this.

The 2-minute video is very different from the usual stop-motion LEGO Star Wars videos that LEGO usually release as part of their marketing campaign to promote their latest Star Wars sets. Unlike previous short videos, where the spotlight is on a particular tie-in set, this one is a complete retelling of TLJ in a completely animated LEGO film.

Now, I couldn’t help but think about the various reasons that LEGO might have in the making of this vid. Sure, we saw references for currently available LEGO TLJ sets such as the Ahch-To Island Training (75200), Resistance Transport Pod (75176), First Order Star Destroyer (75190), First Order AT-ST (75201), Defense of Crait (75202), and the hulking First Order Heavy Assault Walker (75189) – but perhaps what is most interesting about this video is that it subtly introduced some of the most talked about ‘rumored’ SW sets that were recently making rounds across fan forums.

Much has been said about the possibility of us seeing a set that highlights Snoke’s Throne Room scene, so much so that Brickset has already included an entry in its database with the same title and tagged it as set 75216. Rumors also have it that a possible direct-to-consumer (D2C) LEGO Cloud City re-release may be on its way, and a reference to the sin city of the galaxy, Canto Bight, might also be given a tie-in LEGO Star Wars set. As a side note, I love that Fathier bigfig (or minifig, depending on how you look at it) and would be excited to know if LEGO will indeed include it in an official set.




Now we must all bear in mind that these are all speculation at this point, but if in case that LEGO might be actually teasing on future sets in this video, then this is one clever marketing strategy indeed.

Thanks to Rebel Scum for consolidating our thoughts on the matter.

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