Take A Look at the LEGO Batman Movie – Movie Maker Set 853650 Official Images.

The LEGO Batman Movie has taken the box office by storm, and if you think you haven’t had your fill of Batman mania yet, then it’s nice to know that there is one more set that is pretty interesting to have. The LEGO Batman Movie – Movie Maker Set (853650) aims to bring out the creative, stop-motion artist in everyone. News about this set has been around for quite some time, and now that we have the following official images, we can now take a closer look on how the set is intended to be used and played.

853650 alt1

The LBM Movie Maker set consists of 152 pieces and features a build where you can snugly mount your smart phone or any similarly designed digital camera. It also comes with a Batman minifigure (how many Batman minifigs are out there by the way) and a nifty, transparent minifig stand for that added special effect. The set also comes with a base that is attached to the camera stand for a more stabilized shot at varying angles. If you’re into amateur brick-built films, then this set is a must-see.

853650 853650 alt2 853650 alt3 853650 alt4


There is no news yet of when it will be available in the US via in store and online, but since these images were already uploaded via LEGO’s servers, hopefully, we’ll get more info about its release date by the first week of March or any time soon.


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