Here’s A Round Up of 2017’s First LEGO Ideas Projects Achieving 10K Support.

February is almost over and this could only mean one thing for LEGO Ideas fans: the results of the Second 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage are about to be announced! As we previously reported at the start of this month, LEGO Ideas’ HasanJensen promised all the nervously excited fans of the community-based LEGO fan site to stay tuned during this week to see who will emerge as the victor among 12 hopefuls, which will follow the likes of other LEGO Ideas sets such as Adventure Time (21308), Caterham Seven 620R (21307), and The Beatles Yellow Submarine (21306) just to name a few. Furthermore, there is still a lot to expect for this year since the Third 2016 LEGO Ideas Review Stage qualifiers were already announced as well.

While waiting for the official results, let’s catch up with the most recent LEGO Ideas projects that won the hearts and votes of LEGO Ideas fans. These four proposed sets officially comprises 2017’s first LEGO Ideas projects that qualify for review sometime in May.


The Blues Mobile by Eini (Kai Einfeldt)

Blues Mobile 1

This project is based on the 1980s Universal film entitled ‘The Blues Brothers’ starring John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. Both on a mission to save their beloved orphanage from shutting down, the Blues Brothers must find a way to raise $5,000 and their light bulb idea is to organize a concert. Eini’s Blues Mobile borrows heavily from the Ghostbusters’ Ecto One, with an over-sized speaker on top, and plenty of musical accessories.

Blues Mobile 2 Blues Mobile 3 Blues Mobile 4 Blues Mobile 5 Blues Mobile 6 Blues Mobile 7


SEGA Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke

header SEGA Classic 1

I’m a fan of classic gaming, and I owe this voracious interest of mine to Nintendo’s Classic FamiCom.  But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I haven’t set my eyes on other gaming platforms during that Golden Age of retro classic gaming. For me, one particular name that stood out other than Nintendo was the name SEGA. So imagine my excitement when I saw this LEGO Ideas project SEGA Classic Arcade Machines that features a minifig-scale version of the classic SEGA arcade games that fans like me grew up with. This entry by SpacySmoke features three particular arcade games that took the lead during their heyday: Space Harrier, Out Run, and Thunder Blade. The set also features 2 SEGA fan minifigures and the legendary SEGA game designer Yu Suzuki.

SEGA Classic 2 SEGA Classic 3 SEGA Classic 4 SEGA Classic 5 SEGA Classic 6 SEGA Classic 7 SEGA Classic 8 SEGA Classic 9 SEGA Classic 10 SEGA Classic 11


Dungeon Master by Ymarilego

Dungeon Master 1

Another gaming relic that hails from the 80s is now potentially set to be immortalized in plastic bricks, thanks to the creative ideas of Ymarilego. The popularity of this project was absolutely amazing, earning the necessary 10K votes in just almost a month. The Dungeon Master LEGO Ideas project is based on the role-playing video game with the same title, developed by Atari ST in 1987. Ymarilego’s project features the same basic elements as of the game given a LEGO twist. Similarly, there are plenty of options on how to build this set depending on the Dungeon Master’s intentions and cunning plan. The project itself may be laid out in many different ways, and maybe combined with other similar rooms for a myriad of possibilities and endings. It boasts 9 minifigures, with a dimension of 8X8 studs for each room and 16X16 for the lairs. This project is a sure winner for playability and countless adventures.

Dungeon Master 2 Dungeon Master 3 Dungeon Master 5 Dungeon Master 4


Red Arrows Hawk by M4 CUS

Red Arrows 1

Featuring one of the world’s premier aerobatic teams, this recent LEGO Ideas project has proven its mettle when it garnered the support of 10,000 followers since it was introduced last month. The Red Arrows Hawk by M4 CUS is based on England’s renowned Royal Air Force (RAF) Aerobatic Team famous for their stunts and maneuvers that they can flawlessly execute at 6 feet apart and at a top speed of 350mph. The set itself replicates the iconic bright red colors of the BAE Hawk T1.

Red Arrows 2 Red Arrows 3 Red Arrows 4  Red Arrows 6 Red Arrows 7


There are 3 more projects that are almost at the 10K mark, and may potentially be the next sets to make it for the Review Stage. We’ll keep a close eye on this, and make sure to bookmark our page as we wait for the results of the 2016 Second LEGO Ideas Review Stage.



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