Teaser for LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle (21313) Found in German LEGO Store Flyer

The thing about LEGO Ideas is that, like “ideas”, they pop up, get a lot of attention, and eventually fade from popularity until they get brought up all over again. The Ideas set “Women of NASA” (21312) might still be in the forefront, but some of its predecessors have gone.

“Out with the old,” perhaps, but the new are coming soon enough this year. At least three proposals for LEGO Ideas will be debuting in turn this 2018. One of them, “Ship in a Bottle – the Flagship Leviathan” already has a number (21313) and is reportedly coming out this month.

For something expected to be introduced in January, there’s still precious little info released to the public about the Ship in a Bottle (21313). Thanks to some sleuthing by Promobricks, a LEGO Store flyer from Germany has been found with a teaser, a blueprint illustration showing how it’ll look like.

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle 21313

The blueprint is fairly basic in its interpretation, but it shows how the structure of the Flagship Leviathan contained inside a bottle, complete with side stands and cork. Hopefully LEGO will follow up on this preview with official images later on .

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