😁 Series 18 LEGO Minifigures Characters Revealed!!


Here are descriptions/names for all 17 of the coming LEGO Series 18 minifigures. One cool thing to mention, all of these come on an orange baseplate, not black as they typically do.

  • Red Suit Brick Guy – in a red 4×2 brick, holding a blue 1×1.
  • Police Officer – old LEGO style, exactly like the one in LEGO set 600 back in 1978. He’s holding a printed 1×2 tile picturing LEGO set 600. A very cool way of commemorating the LEGO minifigure’s 40th anniversary.
  • Elephant Suit Girl – female wearing elephant suit, with a pink tutu and holding a mouse.
  • Rocket/Firework Guy – male wearing a rocket/firework that is blue, top of firework is red and his pants are dark gray. The costume also has some stars/explosion printing all over in yellow, and the word BANG! all over it.
  • Red Dragon Suit Guy – cool looking red dragon suit with black spikes on his tail and horns. Red wings attach to the back. You’re going to love the head mold, and the dragon looks really tough.
  • Birthday Cake Guy – guy in a birthday cake wearing a light blue suit, gold hat and bow-tie. Pink icing splattered print on his torso. No legs, all cake. The gold hat seems to be connected to the head using a new piece.
  • Race Car Guy – guy wearing a blue and white racers outfit as a new, molded red race car is attached between his torso and legs. Pretty cool look. Race car has a white fin and some printing on it. The minifigure itself has several detailed printings on the torso, legs, and arms most probably the different sponsors that our Race Car Guy has.
  • Flower Girl – girl dressed as a dark pink flower. New mold that fits over her head with face coming through the middle of the flower. Green torso to match coloring of the stem. No legs, she attaches to a clay flower pot.
  • Blue Brick Girl – in a blue 4×2 brick, holding a red 1×1.
  • Blue Unicorn Knight – male dressed as a blue unicorn. lol. Comes holding a gold sword and a white shield with a white unicorn printed on it.
  • Orange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy – not a costume at all. Boy with short legs, green glasses. His torso is white, but printed with light blue minifigure heads and a multi-color tie. He comes with an orange balloon (these are new LEGO pieces) and 2 LEGO Series 1 minifigure pack printed 1×1 tiles. Also comes with a printed birthday present. This one is going to be easy to feel for with all these accessories. He is wearing shorts using a multi-tone colored legs.
  • Spider Suit Guy – could actually be female, can’t tell. He wears a black jacket with white spider web printing on torso. Head mold has 4 molded and printed spider eyes on top of head. Also, two fangs colored dark gray molded into head piece. Comes holding a black spider and an eight-legged mold attaches to back of the figure. The latter is a new piece which is will look nice on a Venom minifigure.
  • Purple Balloon Girl – the compliment to the Orange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy. However, this girl doesn’t like LEGO. Here torso printing is just multi-color square on a white shirt.  She is wearing light blue shorts using a multi-tone colored legs. Wearing a purple birthday hat. Accessories are a purple balloon, donut, cookie and a birthday gift.
  • Cactus Girl – girl wearing a new molded cactus piece. The arms on the torso are also new, as they look like an extension to the cactus with no hands, much similar to the Shark Suit Guy. Green legs.
  • Cowboy Suit Guy – Cowboy with white hat. A horse costume attaches between his legs and torso so it looks like he is riding on a horse. Horse mold does not carry through to the back. Brown legs.
  • Balloon Artist Clown – Fun clown! Wearing a light green top-hat with a purple flower printed on it. Orange and purple torso printed vest. Orange coattails attach to his legs and carry about an inch off of him in the back. Red bow-tie attaches to his neck. Light green legs to match his top-hat. The best part is that he comes holding balloons that he has twisted into dogs. These balloon pieces are definitely new green and purple translucent pieces, and I bet most of you will love this minifig accessories.
  • Cat Suit Guy/Girl – I cannot tell if this is a male or a female. Looks almost exactly like Slyvester the Cat. Comes holding a teal fish. The printing in this minifigure is all black and white.

5 thoughts on “😁 Series 18 LEGO Minifigures Characters Revealed!!”

  1. Hey thanks so much for that. You made my day!! Two questions like offered in you video:). Brick suits. You say the heads are on top. Any arms and legs to the figure? Question 2 cactus figure: are the arms like parts of the cactus like this emoji? thanks!! Off to read your other posts

  2. Here’s my thoughts.

    Red Suit Brick Guy – Guy in a red 4×2 brick costume.
    Classic Police Officer – I think is just a remake of a policeman in the old town sets.
    Elephant Suit Girl – Hope it’s not gonna be based on Ganesha.
    Rocket/Firework Guy – Why we need another guy in a rocket suit since we had already in Series 17.
    Red Dragon Suit Guy – Maybe its similar to the one from Enlighten Brick but it’s red.
    Birthday Cake Guy – IDK
    Race Car Guy – Lol?
    Flower Girl – It sounds like as a part of a wedding. Maybe we need a groom and a ring bearer.
    Blue Brick Girl – Why we need a same one in one series?
    Blue Unicorn Knight – IDK
    Orange Balloon LEGO Fan Boy – IDK
    Spider Suit Guy – Maybe will reuse the one from Chima.
    Purple Balloon Girl – Another same thing.
    Cactus Girl – Maybe it would be great.
    Cowboy Suit Guy – IDK.
    Balloon Artist Clown – That’s fun and great.
    Cat Suit Guy/Girl – I think it would be based on Meowthra from LEGO Ninjago Movie Video game, not the actual cat from the movie.

  3. I believe that the Race Car Guy is Rocket Racer from LEGO Racers. Look at the “RR” logo on his uniform. If this really is Rocket Racer, this will be his third costume design which still carries over the red and blue colors the previous costumes had. The inclusion of a big name character in a normal minifigure series is not unheard of since we got an updated Dash from Alpha Team as the Spy Guy in a previous series.

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