Tel Aviv, Israel Builds World’s Tallest LEGO Tower in Memory of Departed LEGO Fan.

We’ve covered some really monumental constructions done by The LEGO Group or groups of avid collectors serving as public attractions in places where they have been erected. One example was the commemorative wind turbine LEGO statue built by the company itself, on display in the UK since November last year.

Now, another LEGO construction project has been revealed to be finished at the start of 2018. It’s in the shape of a cross-shaped tower of bricks going up in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel. And it’s in the running with Guinness for being the world’s tallest LEGO tower.

LEGO Tallest Tower Tel Aviv 2 1024x768

The project is a joint effort by residents of Tel Aviv, using more than half a million LEGO bricks to build the structure, 36 meters high. Towards the end of the work, a construction crane from the rooftop of a multi-story building behind the LEGO tower was being used to add the last few bricks.

Now standing proudly in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square, the LEGO tower was celebrated by thousands of local residents who took part in its construction. The monument is also a memorial, in honor of Israeli LEGO fan Omer Sayag, who died of cancer back in 2014. It’s fitting then that the brick-built edifice will be named Omer Tower in his memory.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai lauded the people of his city who participated in the LEGO building endeavor, saying that it was successful in “bringing together all parts of {their} community.” All that remains now is for officials from the Guinness Book of World Records to make its inspection and ratify the LEGO tower as the tallest in brick structure in the world.

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