The LEGO Group Owners Doing Investment on London Real Estate

The LEGO Group, which operates what is probably the greatest toy manufacturer in the world, is also distinct in that, unlike global rivals like Hasbro or Mattel which are publicly traded on the stock market, remains privately owned by the family of its original founder, and likely staying that way.

Kjeld Kirk Christiansen, current head of the family that owns The LEGO Group, is also head of KIRKBI A/S, a holding firm that oversees the family’s other investments. The latest news is that KIRKBI is planning to expand investing in the UK, by acquiring additional pieces of London real estate.

It may be that the Christiansen family is unconcerned by the potential economic upheaval that might ensue when the UK completes its separation from the European Union; but they through KIRKBI had, just earlier in the year, acquired Porter Wharf’s office buildings in the Potter-famous King’s Cross district of London.

KIRKBI CEO Soren Thorup Sorensen explains the company’s boldness in investing on post-Brexit-vote UK by noting that certain parts of the city do not fall under the country’s financial sector, which would be the most-affected in any Brexit developments. They plan to acquire more properties tied to tech and media.

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The London property acquisition ties into the general objective by KIRKBI to expand its real estate portfolio. In addition to the UK, they have made inquiries in Germany and Switzerland as well. Thanks to wise investments as these Kjeld Kirk Christiansen’s personal fortune is currently valued at over $5 billion.

Primary assets of the Christiansen Family’s KIRKBI A/S are its 75% ownership stake of The LEGO Group, as well as 30% in Merlin Entertainments, the UK-based entertainment company that operates a wide variety of parks, resorts and hotels worldwide. That includes the LEGO-branded LEGOLAND theme parks found around the world.

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