The LEGO Ninjago Movie Fidget Spinner Promotional Freebie at LEGOLAND Discover Center.

It looks like the fidget spinner craze is still up and running. After LEGO released a set of building instructions for its own version of the immensely popular spinning contraption, it seems that LEGO fans couldn’t get much more of their brick-built spinner fix. Even Brick Show’s master builder Tyler was also apparently bitten by this spinning bug, and came up with several cool versions of his own LEGO fidget spinners.

Now you might be tempted to think that after five months, the fidget spinning fad seems to have simmered down. But as it turned out, as far as LEGOLAND Discover Center Dallas Fort Worth in Texas is concerned, the spinning toy is here to stay. The news came in when fellow LEGO enthusiast mc_survival_man shared through his Instagram account of what seems to be an on-going promotional happening at the LEGO Store inside LEGOLAND Discover Center Dallas Fort Worth. Here are the details.

Going to try and get this from LEGOLAND Discovery Center today

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Yes, you read that right. The said LEGO Store is now offering a free The LEGO Ninjago Movie Spinner for every $50 worth of LEGO purchase. It looks like this promotional is exclusive to their store only, and as of this writing, does not appear to be offered at any other LEGO Stores.

TLNM Spinner

Design wise, there is nothing really surprising about the TLNM fidget spinner. However, other than the fact that it is officially a LEGO product, the 2×2 tiles that come with this 23-piece set are exclusively printed for this set. The Brickfinder posted the freebie’s parts list (courtesy of mc_survival_man) and though it seems that the printed tiles appears to be stickers based on the instructions, mc_survival_man claims that they are actually printed. A closer a look at these tiles suggests that they may actually be printed, without the apparent borders appearing near the tiles’ edges. If such is the case, then it is quite generous of LEGO to go the extra mile of coming up with such printed freebies of the gang which includes Garmadon, Master Wu, Kai, Lloyd, and Nya. They look good enough to be added as picture frames for any TLNM set, particularly Ninjago City (70620). Here are the building instructions in making your own TLNM fidget spinner, less the printed 2×2 tiles of course.

TLNM Spinner 2
TLNM Spinner 1

Thanks again to fellow AFOL mc_survival_man and Brickfinder for the tip.


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