The LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 75192 Is Now Sold Out, Even Until October 1.

I’m quite sure that this piece of news will not be received well, especially by fans who are still yet to have their hands on the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). Brick Fanatics have recently pointed out that the LEGO online store has confirmed that the famed set will no longer be available even until October 1, even if we’re just past three days since the worldwide initial VIP release of the Falcon last Thursday.

Here is the supposed statement from LEGO as reported by Brick Fanatics. Please do take note that for some reason, the following message does not appear in my LEGO shop@home account so I have no way of personally verifying it. Perhaps it can only be viewed by VIP members (which I do not have the privilege of being from where I am right now). I’m not really sure.  I’ll appreciate a tip or two if you have the means of verifying this. Here’s what LEGO  purportedly said:

LEGO® VIP Early Access was available for LEGO® VIP members on September 14th 2017. It’s proved to be so popular with fans that we’re currently out of stock.

75192 Millennium Falcon™ goes on sale from October 1st 2017, however due to the overwhelming success of our VIP Early Access, it will remain temporarily sold out.

We know our fans are keen to get their hands on this amazing new set and we’re working hard to make it available again as soon as we can. We don’t have an exact date yet, but keep an eye on the product page on our LEGO® Shop website for the latest information [emphasis added].

If you already have a Millennium Falcon™ on backorder, we’ll ship it to you as soon as more sets are available.

If the above statement is indeed true, then non-VIP members have nothing to expect on October 1st as far the availability of the UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) is concerned. Needless to say, this is very disheartening, and will leave a lot of LEGO fans feeling that they were pulled a fast one, with all the excessive hype that LEGO dished out in promoting the Falcon. I’m sure that LEGO has already realized this and are working round the clock to meet all the demands for this set, but even such a kind gesture and reassurance will still somehow leave a bad taste in the mouth.

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Though, I have no plans of purchasing the UCS Millennium Falcon now or even in the near future, I can’t help but feel for those who trust LEGO to push through with their commitments, only to receive such news. If you are one of the blessed folks who managed to bring home the largest (and most expensive) LEGO set ever made, then consider yourself fortunate. Meanwhile, for our fellow brick fans who are still hoping to have one of their own, don’t lose heart. You have several ways of keeping yourself updated: religiously visit the product page of the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192) at, or visit your nearest LEGO store and keep in touch with a local brick specialist.

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  1. After a similar disaster with Saturn V I think it’s about time LEGO first improve their online system, and secondly for hyped sets like this, adopt a pre-order system.

    1. I also think it is poor that Lego allowed VIP customer to purchase up to 3 sets each…only for some of them to be dumped on eBay. Not a good look for Lego.

      1. I just spoke with customer service at Lego and she told me if I want one for my husband for Christmas, to buy it from eBay or Amazon. I thought spending $700 from lego was pricey–not great advice to lego VIP members, is it? Sad…

  2. Got one. Was 2nd in line at my lego store in Tigard, OR at 6am for its opening at 10am. They only had 6 copies. I saw at least 50 people walk away disappointed. I do feel blessed, as an early bird who gets the worm. Still building it 4 days later… what an awesome set.

  3. This is the first negative experience I have had with Lego Group. Typically their customer support is amazing. I was once even given 1000 VIP points for two delayed parts order. This seems to be the trend with big companies like Apple and Nintendo. It is the new marketing paradigm: lots of hype and limited product. This keeps the demand going long after the initial launch. Apple did it with the Apple Pencil and Airpods. There is no reason for big corporations to not produce enough product. For months, the Airpods were unavailable. Lego claims they had no idea. I find that hard to believe. They were teasing the item for months any one with an eBay account can see that the original was selling for up to 5000 dollars. They had to know that scalpers were going to buy more than one. Such a shame.

  4. Were VIPs able to purchase more than one? At one point, on the official Lego site, I saw where there was a limit of 8. If that is the case, that is so not right because there is little doubt in my mind that all those extras will be resold for massive profit.

  5. I received no notification as a vip member I could get it early and I missed out. Guess I’ll start buying the Lepin sets I’ve seen a few in person and ou can’t tell the difference.

    1. As a vip member,I got no email either,and waiting to hear back from Lego on this,I checked all my mailboxes including spam and junk,I had emails from Lego,but none about the falcon,pretty upset about this as I sent them an email years ago asking if they were going to re-release this set,good luck

    2. Jake: I did not receive any VIP notification either. I think Lego pulled a fast one and I am so disappointed.

  6. Lego cancelled my order the day of the release and by the time they cancelled it the back-order opportunity was past. The web-site crashed and I spent 2 hours trying to reach them by phone only to be told I was out of luck. I ended up buying one from a scalper on craigslist in Olathe KS for $1800 (he had 14 and was nervous about it – had people meeting him at the police station for the swap). Steep price but I’m past blaming scalpers and the knock-off companies for things that are Lego’s fault. They’ve been at this long enough that they should know how to anticipate demand to within 50%. There is no excuse for being off by 99.999%. If I wouldn’t have found a scalper to buy it from I would have gone the Lepin route replacing any substandard parts with parts ordered on ebay or bricklink. As a former Lego purist, I find it liberating to broaden my block-play horizons. As for the set, totally awesome and without precedent. I’m at about 25% and it’s a ton of work but I’m taking my time to savor it all. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I highly recommend the set if you can get your hands on it but the way Lego manages things you may be waiting a year, or longer, or forever… but there’s always Lepin happy building!!!

  7. Lego just updated their site again. Won’t be a full release until November. They now state:

    “On Thursday, September 14, the LEGO Group gave its VIP members an opportunity to purchase the LEGO® Star Wars™ Millennium Falcon™. We are thrilled by the positive response to the set, which is the largest we’ve ever released so far. We can assure all our fans around the world, that we are doing everything we can to make more sets available and keep our LEGO builders happy. This set is currently sold out and will remain exclusive to VIP’s at least through November as we work to meet consumer demand.”

  8. Anyone notice that the falcon was NOT in the 2017 Holiday Catalogue?

    Who knows when this set will turn up again.

  9. Basically Lego tested the market for this product before switching on full rate production. They never intended to release this product before November so as to bollster thanks giving and Xmas sales by causing market histeria treating true Lego fans with complete disrespect.

  10. I only found out about the pre-release on the morning of October 14 (Australian est). I wasn’t even a VIP member until I contacted Lego by telephone (after a vague email response) and the gentleman I spoke to told me that there was to be a prerelease for VIP customers, gave me the exact time of the prerelease and sorted me out with a VIP code. It took me a full 45 minutes to log in to place an order but I got there. I paid extra for express shipping and got it 12 days later. Now it could have been a case of the Force being with me that day with the lucky timing but the fact is those who missed out probably didn’t try hard enough and will just have to be patient. No sense in bagging Lego over it.

  11. Feb 2018 — 75192 kit remains unavailable.

    All those “watch me put this together” videos from Sept 2017 from people who got free demo copies, and 5 months later we still can’t buy it.

    At least the Saturn V kits are showing up now.

  12. The set is currently in distribution, however it becomes sold out within minutes of appearing in any sales site’s inventory. Who knows when that situation will alleviate. In the meantime I obtained a set by using one of the online inventory trackers to find one in stock. I suppose that’s how the ebay resellers get them.

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