UPDATE: This is How The LEGO Batman Scuttler May Look Like If Turned Into a Polybag.

Even after several weeks since The LEGO Batman Movie debuted on the big screen, interest for Warner Bros and LEGO’s highly successful, collaborative, brick-built film is still in high pitch. The film has even spawned several equally impressive sets that have ever been designed by LEGO’s top notch master builders. Whether it is a regular set, a minifigure or even a polybag, there is nothing disappointing about these collectibles.

Among the several TLBM polybags, there are two in particular that renders itself into the chibi versions of their larger counterparts. The Mini Batmobile (30521) and Mini Batwing (30524) are both must haves for any Bat aficionado, and though they are definitely worth a spot in that bright, polished space for your collectibles, somehow, it seems a bit incomplete if you’re into collecting miniaturized versions of larger LEGO sets.

lego polybags 30521 batmobile 30524 batwing

French LEGO fan site Brick Heroes Wayne De Beer, a LEGOholic, zaLUG member from South Africa, came up with an idea of coming up with their own chibi version of one of the most loved TLBM sets that we’ve ever seen. Based on The LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler (70908), Brick Heroes shared a microscale version of this unique Bat vehicle and they were even kind enough to upload a copy of its building instructions in PDF format.

micro scuttler Page 1

Here’s a JPEG version of the Mini Scuttler’s building instructions in case you want to see it right away.

micro scuttler Page 3 micro scuttler Page 4 micro scuttler Page 5 micro scuttler Page 6 micro scuttler Page 7 micro scuttler Page 8 micro scuttler Page 9

Microscale Scuttler

Now, how I wish LEGO has made an actual polybag out of this. Credit goes to Brick Heroes Wayne for sharing this microscale build for all of us to enjoy. If you like Wayne’s Micro Scuttler, be sure to check out his Flickr page to see the rest of his cool MOCs and other creations.

So what do you think brick fans? Will you give this a try?


Source: Wayne de Beer via Brick Heroes 


UPDATE: Thanks to Wayne for pointing out the corrections in this article. I think I need to learn French and a host of other languages soon enough.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: This is How The LEGO Batman Scuttler May Look Like If Turned Into a Polybag.”

  1. Please ensure that the original creator of this design and instructions get credited. It was done by zaLUG a member Wayne De Beer from South Africa.

    1. Hi there Andre, I got in touch with Wayne and extended my apologies for the erroneous credit. You may check our updates on our write up about the microscale scuttler. Now to try my hands on this one… 🙂

  2. Dear Albert

    I’m sure you didn’t mean to credit the creation incorrectly, the idea, model and instructions are mine, check the bottom of page 2 of the pdf. I am not french and not associated with Brick Heros in any way.. please correct the article and credit me correctly.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hello Wayne, and thanks for pointing this out. My sincere apologies for this unintended error. Frankly, I have no way of finding out if you haven’t mentioned it. I think I need to either fine-tune my Google Translate or learn French soon enough. 🙁 Thanks a heaps for sharing your creation to the rest of us. If you don’t mind, I also mentioned your Flickr page so others can see your excellent work.

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