Tiffany & Co’s New “Everyday Objects” Luxury-Made Items Include 10-Piece Imitation Set of Near-LEGO-Sized Bricks in Silver and Walnut Wood.

Today we’ll be discussing one of the most expensive items ever talked about in The Brick Show thus far, that might tangentially have something to do with LEGO. It’s no exaggeration either, as we are talking about the latest luxury products from New York’s iconic jewelry retail giant, Tiffany & Co.

This week they have launched an eclectic collection of “Everyday Items,” random stuff one might find in an ordinary home, but made out of luxury materials that totally warrant Tiffany’s high prices.

The items range from paper cups made of bone china ($95 per pair), a sterling silver lidless coffee can ($1,500), and a $10,000 “bird’s nest” with silver-strand nest “twigs” and three porcelain “egg.” But we will be focusing on their “set” of luxury building blocks that seem to closely match standard-sized LEGO bricks.

So, Tiffany’s Everyday Object Building Blocks look to be, at first glance, expensive handcrafted LEGO blocks, but with square pegs compared to LEGO’s round ones. Each set consists of 10 bricks.

Tiffany Co. Everyday Objects Building Blocks e1510089702163

Nine of them are a combination of a sterling silver upper half and a bottom half made of sturdy American walnut wood and the tenth is wholly sterling silver. The dimensions are: 3 pcs 2×2 (.62 in), 3 pcs 2×3 (.93x.62 in), and 4 pcs 2×5 (1.55x.62 in) with one of them being the all-sterling silver block.

The square pegs of the Everyday Object Building Blocks are, by default, engraved with Tiffany & Co.’s name, but options to have custom engravings and further personalizing are available.

Tiffany is pricing this pricey set of luxury LEGO clones at $1,500, with additional charges for customizations. Now, most LEGO fans will balk at the insane amount of money to shell out for this luxury set from Tiffany’s, but perhaps some really affluent aficionado might be interested. Time will tell.

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