Toys R Us Canada to Have Its Own Star Wars LEGO Make & Take on June 1, with Millennium Falcon from “Solo”

Last Saturday, May 19, Toys R Us France – still surviving after the closure of the UK’s stores, a major European market – held the “traditional” Make & Take event with its stores in the country, themed after the popular LEGO-licensed franchise of Star Wars. The subject was the familiar micro-build of the famous Millennium Falcon spaceship.

Now, it’s Canada’s turn. The Canadian division of Toys R Us, which also continues to operate after being sold to investment firm Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. in Toronto last April, will be holding its own Star Wars LEGO Make & Take event for June 2.

As you’ve guessed, the LEGO mini-build that’ll be featured at the occasion is, again, the Millennium Falcon. But while the Falcon built at the recent Make & Take by TRU France last Saturday was the “original gray” version, this one’s the “new” version from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Interested participants in Canada may head to their nearest TRU store in June 1 – Friday next week – in order to get a chance to build their own LEGO micro of the blue-and-white Millennium Falcon. Aside from this, they can also complete an activity card to get a free Solo poster.

For your guidance, the Star Wars Make & Take event on June 1 will run from 11AM to 2PM, the usual 3-hour average duration for all other occasions just like it. Don’t forget too, that Solo: A Star Wars Story will premiere in cinemas this coming Friday on May 25.

Author: Albert Balanza

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