Toys R Us France “Solo” Tie-In Make & Take Event May 19: Build the Millennium Falcon

You probably haven’t forgotten, but just in case we won’t fail to remind you: the second Star Wars Story film Solo, is premiering next week (after its world premiere last week). LEGO and its retailers have already made plans for the hype, like in Europe with Les Ateliers de Geoffrey, aka Toys R Us France.

As part of the many promotional tie-ins for Solo: A Star Wars Story the world over, Toys R Us France is setting aside this coming Saturday, May 19, for a Make & Take building event. The subject is a classic one: the Faucon Millennium/Millennium Falcon.

That’s right; in the spirit of past Star Wars-themed Make & Take events with Toys R Us, guests this Saturday will get a chance to put together 44 bricks to create the most famous spaceship of the whole franchise. Unfortunately it’ll be in the “old/drab” colors rather than the “new paint-job” color scheme from Solo.

Information on this Make & Take Event at Toys R Us France was provided by French LEGO site Hoth Bricks, which also includes images of the official building instructions for the Millennium Falcon to be built at the event, if you can’t make it Saturday.

LEGO Solo Falcon Make Take

For French Toys R Us shoppers who wish to participate in the Solo tie-in Make & Take, they need only to head to their local Toys R Us France store on May 19 after lunchtime, from 2:30 to 5:30PM. Here’s hoping you enjoy the building.

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