Toys ‘R’ Us Now Offering LEGO DC Super Heroes Sets for 2018.

We’ve run through our schedule of major superhero movies for 2017 – notably the ones from the two publishing pillars and their film studio partners/parent companies. Still, that doesn’t mean there’s no more super-heroic fun to be had. There’s plenty of merchandising goodies coming out for them next year to watch out for, and LEGO (naturally) is at the forefront of that wave.

And of course, we here at The Brick Show have helped cover what’s in store for 2018 in the superhero lineup. If the Mighty Micros vehicle-minifigure sets aren’t quite enough to scratch that super-collecting itch, then how about going for something bigger, and with more than two minifigs?

With respect to Marvel, this time it’ll be DC’s turn on the spotlight. Three LEGO DC Super Heroes sets for 2018, first shown back in July’s San Diego Comic Con, are now making appearances at some Toys ‘R’ Us stores before the year even ends. Sounds like what happened with the LEGO Star Wars Sand-speeder (75204) set too.

Here’s a refresher on the three LEGO DC sets in question:

Superman & Krypto Team-Up (76096) – with Superman, Lobo and Krypto minifigures; includes Lobo’s space-hog and kryptonite containment cell

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Lex Luthor Mech Takedown (76097) – with Batman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Lex Luthor and Cheetah minifigures; includes Luthor power armor and Bat-Glider

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Speed Force Freeze Pursuit (76098) – with Flash, Cyborg, Killer Frost and Reverse Flash minifigures; includes CyborgCopter and Killer Frost’s Ice Car

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Happy Holiday Hunting!

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