WATCH: Netflix’s ‘The Toys That Made Us’ Promo Clip Featuring LEGO

Earlier this year, we reported that one of Netflix’s documentaries, The Toys That Made Us, will feature one of our culture’s most loved toys and popular icon – the LEGO brick. The first four episodes were released already on the streaming giant’s platform with Star Wars, Barbie, He-Man, and G.I. Joe comprising the first wave of episodes. Now that the second wave of TMU’s docu-series were announced for a May 25 release, a particular promo clip has been released by Nerdist that features what most of us has been waiting for. This particular promo clip puts the spotlight on that period of history where we as kids,  once dreamed of reaching the stars, and relived the grandeur and chivalry of knights and wizards. Watch the clip below.

The promo clip begins with a visit back to the acclaimed LEGO vault archives to see two particular sets that forever sealed LEGO’s footprint across the toy industry: 1973’s LEGO Space Command Center (493) and 1978’s LEGO Castle (375). There is much to talk about as far the history and influence of LEGO as a toy brand around the world, so this is one particular episode that I’m looking forward to. Toys That Made Us Season 2 will be available in Netflix starting May 25, and will feature toy brands such as LEGO, Transformers, Hello Kitty, and Star Trek –the first two being the most influential toys that made up a significant part of my childhood.

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