WATCH: This LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 Stop Motion Build Video Is Simply Amazing.

Love it or hate it, I guess most of us will agree that the recent rehash of the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 is one of the most challenging sets that we have ever tried our hands on. The massive set comes in at around 4,000 pieces with an average build time that will challenge even the most expert LEGO master builder around. Needless to say, such huge set offers a unique building experience and various play features that you can never find from other LEGO sets. If you wish to know more about the new LEGO Star Wars Death Star, be sure to check out Stephen’s comprehensive review of the 75159 which you can watch right here.


As if these cool features of the 75159 are not enough, YouTube LEGO builder from the Netherlands, Bart van Dijk decided to take things to a higher notch and came up with a stop motion video of the LEGO Death Star that is absolutely incredible. Working from the bottom up in front of a camera, he recorded every 4,016 pieces and elements of the UCS set as it fits nicely in its proper place and adding a bit of animation and humor as he goes along. Check out his amazing work below.

Not only do we see how each part goes to another in the most difficult fashion considering that he has made this from the lowest tier going up, we get to see how each iconic scene are relived across the original trilogy. What I like best is the trash compactor scene where the LEGO elements seem to come alive as Chewbacca figures out how to escape, and the play features that were highlighted in the Emperor’s throne room. Bart van Dijk also threw in some audio snippets from the films to really set each scene.

I must say that this is by far one of the most creative review and presentation of the LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 that I have seen so far. If you like this video, you may also check out Bart van Dijk’s YouTube channel where he did a similar video on the LEGO Disney Castle 71040, Rebel Combat Frigate 75158 and the LEGO Creator Volkswagen Beetle 10252.


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  1. Hi there,

    Someone attended me that you made a post of my latest video.

    Thank you very much for posting! I really appreciate it.

    Keep up the good works and all best,
    Bart van Dijk

    1. You’re most welcome. Your stop-motion videos are simply superb, and I hope more and more people will get to know your creations. Keep it up!

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