WATCH: This Properly Minifig-Scaled LEGO Star Wars AT-AT MOC Will Surely Impress You.


We’ve featured a good deal of LEGO MOCs of the iconic Imperial behemoth, the AT-AT. Standing either defiantly tall or overly cute, these LEGO AT-AT renditions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as you have considered them to be during one of our previous MOC Mondays Polls.  Perhaps most impressive of them all is the towering LEGO AT-AT MOC by Peter Brookdale that comes in at more than 6,000 mind-blowing pieces. Being perhaps the largest brick-built LEGO AT-AT in existence, it is without a doubt, a breathtaking creation.

This time around, another AT-AT enters the fray, this time under the helm of LEGO builder and mechanical engineering student Noah. His properly scaled, 5,000 piece LEGO creation stands 2-feet tall, looming defiantly along the horizon. Indeed, it might not be as large such as Brookdale’s creation, but it is perhaps the most properly minifigured scale build.

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According to an interview with Brothers Brick, some of the setbacks that Noah encountered in creating his MOC is the lack of ample time in building his LEGO AT-AT. Since he’s studying at the same time, it took him a bit longer in finishing his MOC, about a year to be specific. Second, is the apparent hurdle that he encountered in coming up with a way to balance the particularly heavy head of his AT-AT. Noah worked his way around it by including Technic beams into the neck of the quadruped giant.  Watch this video walkthrough to hear more from Noah about his amazing MOC.

To add more depth and realism to his creation, Noah opted to include an impressive re-creation of the Hoth environment to relive the iconic stand of the Rebellion against the towering might of the Imperial AT-ATs, again all in properly scaled minifigure proportions. Look also at how Noah integrated the iconic ion cannon into the scene.



Be sure to check Noah’s Flickr page where he shows more of his LEGO creations and other related interests. So what do you think of this MOC version of the LEGO Star Wars AT-AT s? Hit the share the button and join in the discussions below.



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