WATCH: Time-Lapse Video Of World’s Largest Ship Made Of LEGO.

When it comes to LEGO, nothing too small or too big fails to capture our fancy. From the tiniest builds to the grander MOCs, nothing stops us in our tracks than an impressive brick-built creation – and if looks can kill, this featured build will certainly stop us dead on our feet.

DFDS Logistics is in the business of moving and transporting around things all over the world. With headquarters located in Denmark, the company is now celebrating its 150th year anniversary. To mark DFDS’ sesquicentennial celebration, 7,000 members of DFDS staff all over the world joined together to create a one-of-a-kind tribute never before seen in the company’s history, or probably in the entire world. The said tribute is a replica of a ship dubbed as the Jubilee Seaways: a brick-built structure made of no less than a million pieces, or 1,015,000 bricks to be exact. Photos courtesy of Abby Ruston.

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The Jubilee Seaways stands at a height of 2.36m to the top of the bridge and an impressive 2.72m to the top of the mast. It is 12.035m long and 1.67m wide and weighs at 2,860 kg or a little under 3 tons. Requiring a total of 900 man hours to complete. Wow, that is roughly equivalent to almost 250 LEGO Disney Castles 71040 sets combined!

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Just last week, officials from the Guinness World Record Committee have officially declared the Jubilee Seaways as the largest LEGO ship of its kind. The LEGO Creator Ferry 60119 surely looks microscopic in comparison to this. Watch this time-lapse video of the LEGO Jubilee Seaways to have a better perspective of its massive size.


Here’s a closer look at the Jubilee Seaways courtesy of Jonny Toys Review.


DFDS’ Jubilee Seaways has been transported along key locations in the United Kingdom, making its first stop at the North Sea Tall Ship regatta at Blyth, Northumberland last Friday, and will be staying there until August 30 next Tuesday. It will be joined by 30 of the grandest tall ships ever to sail in the world for an awesome four-day festival.


Thanks to the Gazette Live for the tip.

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